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Welcome to GUSTYKITE escolas kitesurf schools

Our Mission is to make kitesurf learning and progression an exciting experience. Offering high-end, fun and safe kitesurf classes with small groups or private lessons at the same price, you will get independent in 2/3 days.

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Kitesurf Courses

KITE CAMPS content available soon!   Contact us for booking kite holydays.
With this course you will get independent by joining one of our group classes, for the level you are in.You will have your classes progressively in a relaxed and fun environment achieving knowledge also by interacting with others. Complete course: 285€ | 10 hours (3 students/ 2 kites) Control module (own gear): 20€/h BOOK NOW  
Have your classes with exclusive gear for you allowing a faster, even safer and "at your rhythm" evolution. Complete Exclusive course: 285€ | 7 hours (2 students/ 2 kites) Exclusive hourly classes: 45€/h Control module (own gear): 30€/h BOOK NOW  
Top end classes with one-on-one instruction for a personalized progression, faster and even safer at the same price! Complete Private course: 285€ | 6h (1 student/ 1 kite) Private Hourly classes: 55€/h Control module (own equipment): 40€/h BOOK NOW  
Want to see how it's like to be pulled by a traction kite? Or maybe you're curious or just wanna have fun with some friends! Group experience: 49€ | 2h (max.6 people/3 kites) (sand traction exercises) BOOK NOW  
Get the most exciting and safe kitesurf experience with one-on-one follow up, enabling you to make the first water exercises. Private Experience: 59€ (2 hours; 1 on 1) (sand and first water drags) BOOK NOW
With this course you can have all the confidence of having our trained instructors supervision and tips while riding close to them. Advanced kitesurf supervision: 49€ | 2h (Group / Your gear) BOOK NOW
Wave Progression: 59€ | 2h (1 student/Your gear) You should be comfortable with hooked riding, controlled jumps and rotations.You will learn: to choose/tune you gear and the spot; Fast water relaunch and all emergency procedures; Wave crossing and getaway; Front and back side riding; Bottom turns and board balance; Transition/Jibe techniques; strapless trick and tips. Freestyle progression: 59€ | 2h (1 student/Your gear) You should be comfortable with unhooked riding, controlled whip and pop jumps.You will learn: to choose/tune you gear according wind and spot conditions; Best safety settings; Fast relaunch; Un-hooked technique; Toe side riding; Making the board part of your body; Transitions and jump tricks; Power jumps and landing tricks and tips. BOOK NOW  

What's your level?

What to do?

Licences: Governo de Portugal Turismo 2015 2 3 

Certifications: 13 14 15 16

Why learn with us?

1. You can save money, learning more and less waiting on the sandwith our small groups or Private lessons:
. Groups (3 people/2 kites)
Exclusive (2 people/2 kites)
Private (1 student/1 kite)

2. We are dedicated and exclusively kitesurf teaching company

3. We have onlyexperienced, fully certified instructors - IKO and IDP

4. We have all legal accidents insurances, plusliability insurance specific for kitesurfing

5. We teach at all levels, from total beginners to wave or trick progression

6. We follow you after the course for supervision and tips

7. We use only adapted modern gear and everything is included

8. We are a 100% legal, registered company:
. Registered VAT tax paying company
. Registered at RNT
. Registered brand